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A guide for gardeners, someone moving to a different climate, or any other reason one might be interested to analyze weather data


As a Data Scientist, I was interested in finding weather data to perform a regression analysis on sales. That is to say, I wanted to understand if weather had a measurable impact on online or in-store sales. I’ve researched similar business questions related to weather in the past ten years…

A tutorial to implement seven Jupyter Notebook enhancements / modifications that you are likely to use

Jupyter Notebooks

Using coding blocks, or cells, that execute separately- although they may have a sequence dependency- is very useful for data model development. The Jupyter Notebooks interface has a simplicity that is easy to learn. Once you are versed in the basics, allow me to share seven setup modifications or enhancements…

How to use Google’s ortools package for python with the SCIP solver for mathematical optimization

Why have seasonal inventory?

Manufacturing facilities may not have the capacity to produce seasonal products within the important season. Building additional inventory prior to the season can often be less expensive than to buy additional tooling and space. For example:

  • If the seasonal product is a substantial part of the manufacturer’s business, then scheduling…

These python-geopandas-choropleth maps tell the story, and the data tables are shared below

Why did I make this chart Now?

For each person living in the US, 1 in 500 have now died of covid. I wanted to understand the differences of the death rate around the US and the world. When I couldn’t find this particular…

A tutorial for discrete event simulation in python

Industrial Engineers use discrete event simulation to evaluate alternatives on the manufacturing floor, but there are many more uses for simulation. With the SimPy package for Python- and also available in other languages- we can simulate personal projects without an expensive software license. The ReadtheDocs documentation for SimPy is good…

A concise visualization over the past 10 years with ggplot in R

Nighttime Low Temperatures

The New York Times published an article last week about the consequences of increasing nighttime low temperatures. I had also written a couple thoughts about the nighttime low temperature during the Pacific Northwest heatwave.

In order to further…

Exploring historical nighttime low temperatures with R

New Heat Records in the Pacific Northwest

When I heard that there was 118 [fahrenheit] degree weather in the forecast, at first I wasn’t really listening. When I saw a news clip comparing the weather forecast from four local weather forecasters, maybe I assumed that was click bait. But every…

Hands-on Tutorials

A model for high-level conversations, without drowning in the details

How is a US Congressional District assignment similar to an online order?

As a Data Scientist whom has built many supply chain models, I understand how assignment models can be useful. Take the example of ordering a product online. That product might exist in inventory at more than one warehouse, but the product will likely ship from the warehouse that is closer…

A simple app built to eliminate hundreds of clicks on sports websites to view statistics

March Madness: US College Basketball Tournaments

First, I’d like to share that I am not great at predicting the winners of match-ups in the US NCAA Men’s and Women’s Basketball tournaments in March. If you were looking for expert advice on who to pick for your bracket, unfortunately I do not have specific suggestions for you.

Sabi Horvat

Data Scientist in Portland, Oregon who enjoys learning and writing

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